"We get stuck on our paths because we are unable  to re-imagine our lives differently from what they are right now. We hold on desperately to the status quo, afraid that if we let go, we will be swept away by the torrential undercurrents  of our emptiness . . .  The most important thing in the world is to be willing to give up who you are  for  who you might become."         

                                                                                                                                                                       Marc Gafni

*  Pleasure-Anxiety

*  Full body orgasms

*  Integrating sexuality and spirituality?

*  Shame and guilt

*  Asking for what you need and want in your

*  Living in your own skin emotionally, sexually,

    spiritually, physically

*  Exploring gender identification

* Sexual and Emotional Trauma

*  Being vulnerable, intimate and trusting

*  Feminine and Masculine energy exchanges

*  Solo Sex as a Spiritual Path

*  Sex in Sobriety

*  Exploring the variety, use, and dimensions of

    "kinky sex"

*  Conscious giving and  receiving

* Coming out of various closets

*  The "nice guy syndrome" and getting your needs met

*  Power exchange in relationships

* Working with your erotic fantasies and fetishes

*  Being comfortably nude

*  "Top" and "Bottom" imbalance and myth

* Body image

*  Experiencing excitement, arousal and enjoyment

*  Re-examining and creating your unique form of


* Role Play (dad/son, master/slave/ dom/sub)

*  Couples Coaching M2M, F2M

*  Erectile and Ejaculating issues

*  Solo pleasuring -- Masturbation Coaching

*  Elderhood & Aging and Tasks it Demands

*  Exploring Midlife entering our 40s and 50s

*  Bisexuality as Normative

*  Bi-curious/M2M Intimacy for the first time
Exploring Issues:
In a Session, Nothing is "Off the Table"