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Self-Pleasuring:  A Gateway to Self-Awareness
 2nd Wednesday, 7 - 8:30 pm, $10 donation
Are you seeking a safe space to simply explore your sexual energy as a man?
Do you have a desire to reveal who you are at a level that feels sensual and authentic?
Is there a yearning to learn how best to embody your sexual energy aka life force when you self-pleasure, engage in solo sex, masturbate, feeling your flesh and spirit soar as one?
Do you want to be a member of a group of men who release shame and guilt around being naked and sensual?
The power that lies within us to simply be erotic, sensual, vibrant and safe, emotionally vulnerable and tapping to a self-confidence that will spread further in all of our relationships is a birth-right.  Such a power is accessible to each of us.  Many of us may wonder how to bring that life energy to the fore and channel it in ways that meet our best interests.
The process is simple, but far from simplistic.  Any insights about ourselves from the pervious month? Respond to a posed question. Stripping each other.  Movement/breathwork with mutual touch.  Stroking solo.  Closing with a naked group hug.
This group is for men 45+, all ethnicities and sexual orientations who have the courage and desire to bare themselves before one another with respect, honoring our individual boundaries, and with a willingness to be emotionally vulnerable.
Veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan wars are eligible for 3 free coaching sessions.  Contact Ken to discuss.