Awareness, Intimacy & Self-Pleasuring Gathering
 Saturday, Jan 24, 2015, 10 am - 4 pm    $120
The purpose of this gathering is to explore our psychosocial, sexual, emotional depths in a safe space with other men with the expected outcome to be a deeper self-awareness and self-love. Using dialogue, breath work, movement, mutual touch, solo touch, and masturbation, we will explore and share our sexual histories and fantasies, ask for what we need, want, desire from each other, and create a ritual around what we desire for ourselves.
There will be written prep assignment to be completed prior to this workshop. We will buy and eat our lunch at a local cafe within easy walking distance. Participation limited to 6 men, 45ish +. Couples are welcome.  For more info, contact me.  Thanks. 

Transitioning into Death: A Personal Exploration

Jan 17, 2015, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm $120

This may be a heavy experience for some, too heavy for others, and just the right one for many. This workshop is for men contemplating their eventual death, the last experience all of us are promised. There will be touch, dialogue, improv dancing, nudity, a safe space to delve into this subject with one another. Limited to 6-8 men. Contact me for further details and to register.

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